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Hammons Mechanical of Michigan


At Hammons Mechanical, our goal is to provide immediate response, attention and clarity when your HVAC system requires maintenance or service. We continue to build long-term customer relationships with our friendly staff, immediate response and expertise in the field. A system that isn’t properly maintained will become inefficient. Therefore, we provide the care and attention to maintain your facility’s system.


With Hammons Mechanical, you will never be without heating or cooling for long. By signing our maintenance agreement you receive priority service any time you have a system failure.

Services Offered

* 24 hours 7 day a week service
* Air Compressors
* Air Conditioning
* Air Filtration Systems
* Boilers (Water and Steam)
* Chillers (Water or Air)
* Compressed Air Dryers
* Cooling Towers
* Data Centers
* DDC Controls
* Fans
* Heating
* Hydronic Systems
* Humidification
* Make-Up Air
* Piping Systems
* Process Systems
* Pneumatic
* Radiant Heat
* Refrigeration Systems
* Steam Systems
* System Balancing
* Temperature Controls
* Testing - Boiler Efficiency
* Ventilation
* Walk in Coolers

On-site Response

Our 24 hour service response assures that you'll never be without heating or cooling for long. We can schedule maintenance for after-hours and weekends to eliminate interruption and comfort of your occupants.

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• Heating & Ventilating
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Maintenance & Repair Services
• Building Energy Analysis
• Commissioning
• Engineering & CAD Services Outsourced
• Heat Pump Systems
• Energy Recovery Systems

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