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Hammons Mechanical of Michigan
Hammons Saves Energy

Commercial & Industrial

Hammons Mechanical offers service, design, and installation of all types of control systems - electric, electronic, pneumatic, electric to pneumatic, pneumatic to electric integrated, direct digital control, microprocessor programmers and modifications to existing systems.

Hammons Saves Energy

Serving Michigan

Hammons Mechanical is the leading service contractor in Michigan. Our incredible reputation is the result of our attentiveness to customer needs and ability to provide results that exceed expectations and lower utility costs. That is why we are the most desired contractor around.

Hammons Saves Energy

Save By Going Green

We service any type of commercial or industrial equipment related to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning fields. Hammons will even repair mistakes that other so-called HVAC experts have made and assist in reducing your buildings operating expenses.


On-site Response

Our 24 hour service response assures that you'll never be without heating or cooling for long. We can schedule maintenance for after-hours and weekends to eliminate interruption and comfort of your occupants.

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• Heating & Ventilating
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Maintenance & Repair Services
• Building Energy Analysis
• Commissioning
• Engineering & CAD Services Outsourced
• Heat Pump Systems
• Energy Recovery Systems

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